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Hansraj Corporation is a Ahmedabad based firm that provides custom interior design/Architectural design services for commercial and residential projects. Founded in 2007 by Owner Bhavesh Ghorecha. Hansraj Corporation offers a comprehensive range of interior design services and a broad collection of custom-designed furniture and lighting products. Committed to architectural integrity and accomplished in a broad scope of design styles, Hansraj Corporation is celebrated for its fresh interpretations of living and working environments that address client vision and functionality. Neither pure traditionalists nor modernists, the Hansraj team dispenses with aesthetic agendas and offers uniquely tailored solutions that balance progressive design and traditional sensibilities.

Each project in the Hansraj Corporation portfolio – chief executive offices, sprawling private residences, baby nurseries, restaurants fitness studio, medical offices and numerous other distinctive spaces – begins with a definitive design concept formulated in partnership with the client. This concept establishes a point of view that runs throughout the space, whether referenced to the construction of a lighted suspended ceiling or to a fine detail in the hardware of a walnut cabinet. The carefully considered synthesis of functional space planning, colour and texture, proportion, scale and lighting, is key to Hansraj’s core design principles and enhanced by service built on close client collaboration and responsiveness. We claim that it is often her clientele that pushes and inspires Hansraj’s design. “We have a strong design point of view – yet our solutions are cantered around the client,” says Bhavesh. “We never repeat what we have done previously but rather work to lead our clients to new possibilities based on their own vision.”

Furthermore, we drive customized projects (based on advance technology), as per our clients’ specifications/requirements. Our ethical business practices and transparent business dealings have further helped us to serve many reputed clients in India as well as in the Sahara India Ltd, L&T, Vodafon, Sandesh Procon, Pacifica Ltd, Gujarat cement ltd, Soham Group and Heritage Builders, Ganesh marredian, Parshwnath developers Etc…

Hansraj Corporation also embraces sophisticated technology with an in-house team. Who keep the firm at the forefront of cutting-edge design,

Year of Establishment: 2007
Founder – Bhavesh Ghorecha
Company Profile: Service Provider
Location: Ahmedabad (India)
Services – Interior design, Architectural design, Interior execution & Civil work execution
Work experience with – Ar.Nimish Patel (Abhikram), Ar. ChhayaSir (Dean of CEPT),
Ar. B.V.Doshi (Sangath), Ar.Gurjeet Singh (Mataroo Associates), Ar.Falguni Desai (DPVIC, Surat)

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